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Selected catalogue essays 

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Lucina Ward, Soft Sculpture, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, 2009

Lucina Ward, Soft Sculpture, exhibition catalogue, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, 2009, p.20– 22   

Dr Alana O’Brien, ‘Manna’, catalogue essay, Three Degrees of Change, La Trobe University Museum of Art, Melbourne, 2009

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Naomi Cass, ‘Down to earth’, catalogue essay, Cornucopia, Sherman Galleries, Sydney, 2007

Zara Stanhope, ‘Art’s constant gardener’, catalogue essay, Demeter’s Garden, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, 2007

Jane O’Neil, ‘Demeter’s Garden’, catalogue essay, Demeter’s Garden, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, 2007

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Natalie King, ‘Bag Lady’, catalogue essay, Bags, Bottles, Newspapers, Karyn Lovegrove Gallery, Melbourne, 1994

Selected articles and book entries

Melissa Loughnan, Australiana to Zeitgeist, Thames and Hudson, Australia, 2017, pp. 54-55

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Selected reviews

Julia Jones, ‘A growing medium the garden in art and design’, Art Monthly, issue 284, October 2015, pp. 38-45

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Selected videos and media

Fenella Kernebone, Art Nation, video, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2010   

‘MCA Artist's Voice, series 6’, In the Balance: Art in a Changing World, video, Museum of Contemporary Art, 2010

‘Behind the Scenes’, In the Balance: Art in a Changing World, video, Museum of Contemporary Art, 2010  

Julie Copeland, ‘The Maker’, interview on Salt and Honey, ABC Radio National, 8 September 2002   

Further texts

Charlotte Cornish, Waves, catalogue essay, Honeymoon Suite, Melbourne 2017

Phil Brown, ‘Gardens of Earthly Delight’, The Courier Mail, Canvas, 14 March 2015, p. 14 

Dan Rule, ‘Plant pavilion upcycles Docklands’, The Age, 13 June 2014, p. 20   

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